Green Office Challenge, a behavioral change campaign for decarbonization

Tenant Company General Affairs, Public Relations, Sustainability Promotion Person in charge: Dear

This initiative is about the "Green Office Challenge," a demonstration project of the Ministry of the Environment's "Nudge x Digital Decarbonized Lifestyle Transformation Promotion Project," which started on January 16th on the ESG portal of KDX Toyosu Grand Square. We would like to inform you of opportunities for companies that have agreed to use this information for public relations, IR, integrated reports, etc.

About the Green Office Challenge:
PRTIMES release:

Benefits for supporting companies

For your support, we would like to encourage all employees working at your company's KDX Toyosu Grand Square to participate in the campaign. There are no costs for you to pay.

Benefit ①

You can include it in your company's public relations, IR, and integrated reports.

Usage example

Benefit ②

We will project the corporate logos of supporting companies onto the signage inside the facility.

Signage projection example

Benefit ③

In our post-campaign release, we will introduce services that lead to decarbonization developed by supporting companies.

After the Green Office Challenge period ends, we plan to release information on the efforts of this demonstration project.

In the release, we will also introduce services, products, and initiatives that lead to decarbonization that are provided by supporting companies in their businesses.

Theme example

  • PC energy saving settings/reducing usage time
  • Reduction of printing paper
  • toilet energy saving
  • lights off
  • recycling
  • Reducing air conditioning usage time
  • Energy saving for multifunction devices
  • Telework
  • Air conditioner room temperature settings
  • ocean plastic
  • Energy saving for home delivery
  • food loss
  • Local production for local consumption
  • move
  • sustainable fashion

In this campaign, participants are asked to take a quiz every day on actions that lead to decarbonization, such as ``setting energy-saving settings for PCs'' and ``reducing printing paper,'' and to declare in the form of a post a course of action in line with that theme. I am.

Among these, we have received many opinions that the services provided by tenant companies are being developed as solutions that contribute to various decarbonization themes.

Examples include ``We provide a system that reduces printing paper use,'' ``We offer signage as an alternative solution to printing paper,'' and ``We provide services that help save indoor energy.'' , there are various things.

There are also cases where companies themselves have established advanced internal policies to address decarbonization.

As one of the results of this demonstration project, such as these solutions and initiatives, after the campaign ends, we hope to compile and introduce to the world the services and products that each tenant company has that contribute to decarbonization. I am. (If you wish)

If you have any topics that are compatible with your company's initiatives, such as the themes that are asked every day in the Green Office Challenge, we would appreciate it if you could let us know as much as possible.

You can check the Green Office Challenge from the link below.
You can obtain a PDF file that can be used for distribution or display within your company by clicking on the link below.
Green Office Challenge Introduction PDF

Please take this opportunity of the Ministry of the Environment's demonstration project for decarbonization to participate in KDX Toyosu Grand Square's ESG initiatives, and to widely inform all employees of the opportunity to register on our ESG portal. I would be happy if you could.

If you have any inquiries regarding this program or this matter, please contact us using the information below.

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