Announcement of the start of ESG services at KDX Toyosu Grand Square


From November 15th, we will begin operating an ESG portal exclusively for KDX Toyosu Grand Square.

The word "ESG" has been heard a lot lately.

  • Environment
  • Social
  • Governance

It is a word created by taking the initial letters of .

In recent years, efforts that take climate change and human rights issues into account have become particularly important, not only for creating a more livable world, but also for companies aiming for long-term growth.

This ESG portal is a service that helps create a better living and business environment by visualizing ESG and working on improvements for everyone working at KDX Toyosu Grand Square and the local community.

We are also planning campaigns from time to time where you can earn points and coupons that can be used for shopping and contributing to society by participating in ESG-related actions or answering surveys.

Additionally, by participating in this action, we can create ESG value and contribute to society for everyone working at KDX Toyosu Grand Square and the community.

Membership registration for residents