Disaster prevention at KDX Toyosu Grand Square

KDX Toyosu Grand Square is a building that has a secure power source and is earthquake resistant in case of an emergency.

power equipment

・Power supply plan

Adopts special high-speed 2-line power reception (main line preliminary selection method). The main line reserve line power reception method is a method in which power is received from two circuits from the power company's distribution line. In the event of a problem with the main line, power can be supplied in a short time by switching to the primary line.

・Power generation installation space for tenants

We have space on the rooftop to install two generators for tenants with a maximum capacity of 260KVA.

Earthquake resistance

The pillars, which are the main structural parts of KDX Toyosu Gransk Works, are made of CFT columns with high strength and excellent deformability, creating a highly earthquake-resistant structure.

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In addition, seismic dampers with excellent energy absorption properties are installed at key points to reduce the shaking of the building.

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Furthermore, we have built a structural monitoring system that automatically measures the scale and displacement of an earthquake when it occurs, grasping the concrete numerical values ​​caused by the earthquake, and immediately determining the impact on the structure.