Report on donations to more trees

more trees様への寄付のご報告

Thank you for your continued patronage of the KDX Toyosu Grand Square Community ESG Portal.

We donated 7,560 yen to More Trees from the donations of everyone who selected `` Donation'' in the ``Green Office Challenge'' benefit that was held from January to February 2023.

More Trees, a general incorporated association, is a forest conservation organization founded by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and represented by architect Kengo Kuma. Aiming for a society where forests and people live together forever, we are carrying out a variety of initiatives with the keyword "connecting cities and forests . "

We made this donation in the hope that the Green Office Challenge, a behavioral change campaign for decarbonization, will be useful for the activities of More Trees, which creates sustainable and healthy forests.

We will continue to promote environmental conservation and eco-related initiatives in the future, so if there are people in the same office who have not yet registered as members, please let them know. Click here for new registration

Thank you for your continued support of the KDX Toyosu Grand Square Community ESG Portal.