Regarding use of the rooftop garden


We would like to inform you about the use of the rooftop garden at KDX Toyosu Grand Square.

Based on the results of the survey on the KDX Toyosu Grand Square Community ESG Portal, we have been conducting a trial operation of the rooftop garden wood deck section from Monday, May 16 , 2022 . In consideration of the situation during the trial period, the following usage rules will apply from July 1 , 2022 onwards.

[Usage rules before trial operation]

Available hours : Weekdays 11 : 00-15 : 00

Eating and drinking  : Not possible

Smoking: Not allowed

[Usage rules after July 1 , 2022]

Available hours: Weekdays 9 : 00-17 : 00

Eating and drinking: Possible (Please take responsibility for your own garbage.)

Smoking: Not allowed

Regardless of the above, please note that the rooftop garden may not be available for use due to inclement weather or administrative reasons. In addition, if there are any problems with operation, such as littering, the usage rules may be reviewed again.

To enter the rooftop garden , you will need a security card issued by your company for entering and exiting the building's floors.

The area surrounded by the red dotted line in the figure below is the usable range. Entry to the rooftop green area is prohibited.

To use the rooftop garden, please use the emergency C2 elevator and press the "PH" button. If the button is not lit, you cannot use it.

We appreciate your continued cooperation in the successful management of this building.